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Flu Season Beware

January 22, 2013 | FOOD & TREATS | Permalink

BETTER THAN ANTIBIOTICS? Prescription antibiotics destroy gut bacteria – the foundation of your immune system. And only claim to kill some bacteria, not viruses, while continuing to increase drug resistance over time. How’s your intuition feeling now?  Try the Organic Nutraceutical VIBACTRA PLUS by Amber Technology. It not only attacks bacteria but also virus-fungus-parasites plus […]

Some simple guidelines for Treats and Food

January 22, 2013 | FOOD & TREATS, NUTRITION | Permalink

Just because you “think” your pet is “fine” and appears “well” doesn’t mean its organs, blood and cells in general aren’t being slowly taxed and poisoned. Does your pet tell you when it is feeling sluggish or challenged or has a headache? Only if you are a pet psychic. That is why we need to […]