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ENERGY FIELDS – Do animals have Chakras? (Yes!)

September 28, 2013 | FOOD & TREATS | Permalink

Where are a dog’s Chakras (energy centers)? Chakra is Sanscrit for ‘spinning wheels’. Energy work releases blocked or stagnated energy so it can flow through the body unobstructed. Energy work helps bring the mind, body and spirit into balance and revitalizes us energetically. ┬áIt can be a healing modality for physical or emotional issues or […]


September 25, 2013 | BLOG 2013, FOOD & TREATS | Permalink

Dog Treats or Death Treats? The FDA is not protecting your pet’s food The FDA waited until there were 2,000 deaths and illness reports before launching an investigation into Chinese made dog “treats”. They waited another four months before admitting that China had denied them access to test said treats for safety. Throughout this time, […]