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January 22, 2013 / by Faerie DogMother


Dogs, Angora Rabbits and green geckos fill my home but all animals fill my heart. I am surrounded by a support network of animal lovers seeking out the healthiest ways to treat their pets. Despite the toxic environment we are living in. Despite the toxic medical care we are offered by most vets (and MD’s). We intuitively know a lot of what we are told is wrong but do not know where to turn. I hope that this site can be a light for those seeking to give their pets a healthier, longer life.

My two dogs are presently 12 and 14 and yet their bloodwork tells another story. To quote the vets year after year, “this is the bloodwork of a 2 year old dog”. This is what I mean by healthier, happier dogs and why I keep updating my knowledge base and now, the website.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Advertising with a minor in Business within the School of Journalism. Extra money for animal rescue and support come from real estate sales – you can find me at Team Real Estate in Haleiwa (www.TeamRealEstate.com). I have the training and energy to study and seek out the truth like a pit bull.  I also have my commercial pilot’s license and enjoy skydiving and windsurfing – all of which have taught me to check and cross-check everything, that attention to details matter. Gaining the greatest amount of information before embarking on any journey is beneficial, enhancing, eases the bumps and often can be life saving.


Like the lion at the gate, we want to share the truth, the details and many answers to keeping your pets healthy at a reasonable cost with few, if any side effects. To keep them healthy so they don’t have skin issues, digestive concerns, arthritis, weak organs, pests, worms, parasites, and many diseases that rarely if ever afflict animals in the wild. Natural Medicine and good nutrition hold the key to most of the problems we face. Come in, be part of the pack, help make the world a kinder, gentler, healthier place.



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