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July 6, 2013 / by Faerie DogMother

Can you leave your dog in the car safely? Even one minute might be too long.

 Dogs left in hot cars have only minutes before their body temperatures rise and they suffer nerve damage, heart problems, liver damage, brain damage or even death.


  • The windshield is a giant magnifying glass – remember the ants who got fried? 
  • On an 80F  day, temperatures can rise to 120F in 10 minutes, even with the windows cracked
  • A car’s inside temperature can quickly rise by 40 degrees, even with the windows cracked, in an hour. Most of the temperature rise takes place in the first 15 to 30 minutes. 
  • Dogs are especially vulnerable to heat-related illness because they can’t sweat – they  only cool off by panting and through the foot pads.
  • Dogs left in the heat can suffer severe illness, organ damage – or even death – in a matter of minutes.
  • Dogs don’t cool as quickly as we do and since their body temperature is already higher than ours, their chances are lessened at the start. Stop comparing a dog to a human.


  • If you feel it is safe to leave your dog, put up a window shade – the thicker the better. Silver reflects heat. I use two and double them up.  Brings down temperature up to 10 degrees. 
  • Leave windows down all the way. Block the windows with  lattice or screens. If you tie the dog up, it could get tangled or strangled beyond repair.
  • I wet my dogs paws. Not always a popular idea if you don’t have a water dog!
  • Sit in a car in a fur coat (synthetic) for 5 minutes. OK? Try 10. I couldn’t do three.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be distracted. If you mean to be gone two minutes, set your alarm. Don’t get into a conversation with someone, don’t be distracted. Time flies for you but not the dog.
  • Park in the shade, real shade.
  • Leave our pups at home where they are safe

More information,  free fliers and posters: www.MyDogIsCool.com

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