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October 7, 2013 / by Faerie DogMother

floweressheader2Flower Essences are a group of remedies which heal by relieving emotional suffering and restoring harmony to the body, mind, and soul.  As remarkable as it seems, the color, geometry, vitality, and growth location of each distinct flower combine to form “frequencies” that can, under the right circumstances, “overwrite” and remove limiting thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs imbedded in our subconscious/unconscious mind – often related to past occurrence of emotional or physical abuse or trauma.

They can be used individually or in any combination and they are safe to use in conjunction with western medicines.  A combination solution, Rescue Remedy, is the most well known and is an excellent tool to keep in your first aid kit. I use it for all my animals and temporary rescues anytime there is change or mental, spiritual or physical stress. However, it is fun to mix and match according to your specific needs. They work for adults and children too. Animals mental and physical challenges often mirror those around them. You might want to consider taking something too! At the least, meditate or pray about whether there is a message in your pet’s healing for you as well. We are all connected.Floweressheader1a

HOW TO CHOOSE FLOWER ESSENCES FOR ANIMALS: Edward Bach The Bach flower research programme

Flower remedies serve several key areas of animal therapy and care, including:

  • • Aiding in learning and cognitive skills
  • • Fears, phobias and anxieties
  • • Loss of the vital spark, confidence and enjoyment of life
  • • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • • Recuperation from surgery and illness
  • • Rescue and rehabilitation of traumatised or maltreated animals

It is important to realize that many behavioural problems are attributable to other factors and may be issues not within the proper jurisdiction of flower remedies. Aggression could also be a medical problem, and hence flower remedies would be the wrong way to go about treating it as a primary choice or specific to aggression (there may be other issue to treat with the flower remedies if the animal is in pain or something else. Make absolutely sure, by consulting the (holistic) vet, that there is nothing physically wrong that could be causing pain and/or distress.

Behaviours could also be partly a training issue. Flower remedies can help with re-training a poorly trained animal, but will not in every case bring about a satisfactory cure on their own. This is because if you have given your dog the impression that it is OK to growl at visitors or bite the cat, he is not suffering an emotional imbalance by doing so, but merely behaving like a dog! When it comes to treating more purely emotional issues such as the negative effects of maltreatment or severe fright, flower remedies can be used more on their own and achieve often spectacular results.

Assuming the problem is a case for flower remedies and that the right remedies have been selected and properly administered, positive results are usually seen within two to three weeks, and sometimes much sooner. Results depend on the individual animal and the nature and severity of the problem for which it is being helped

The 38 Original Flower Essences


Agrimony  For silent suffering, and for animals who are sensitive to negative emotions around them.

Aspen  provides a sense of security for animals who are afraid for no known reason.  For an animal who is scared of something specific, use Mimulus.

Beech  for intolerance.  Beech might be used when you’re bonding your pet to another animal, or have a new critter (or person!) in the house.

Centaury  for animals who have trouble standing up for themselves, such as the passive pet who gets pushed away from the food dish.

Cerato  for animals who doubt themselves.

Cherry Plum  for loss of control.  For example, if your pet has a really itchy condition, and he can’t stop scratching himself, Cherry Plum might help.

Chestnut Bud  to help an animal learn from his experiences, such as a rabbit who keeps sticking his nose in his neighbor’s cage and getting bitten over and over again.

Chicory  for animals who are territorial or protective.  Chicory could be helpful when bonding or with a bunny who keeps marking his territory.

Clematis  for animals who don’t seem to have any interest in the world around them.

Crab Apple  for any circumstance requiring cleansing, such as an animal who has been caged in his own waste, a pet who has trouble keeping his bottom clean, after surgery, for abscesses and wounds, or for a rabbit who grooms excessively.

Elm  for situations where the animal feels overwhelmed by responsibility, such as when a mama is separated from her litter or a pet who takes care of his disabled companion.

Gentian  helps restore optimism after a setback.  Consider combining with Honeysuckle.

Gorse  is for situations more dire than those needing Gentian.  Gorse is for hopelessness, such as when your pet loses his mate or after long-term illness, and the animal is ready to give up.

Heather  is for animals who are over-absorbed with their relationships.

Holly  is the love essence, offsetting anger, jealousy, or suspicion.  Holly will help with bonding or when you’re working with an aggressive rabbit.  Please note that rabbit aggression is most often attributed to fear, so Aspen, Mimulus, or Rock Rose may be more appropriate.

Honeysuckle  will help your pet when he moves to a new home or when he loses his owner or partner.  Consider combining with Walnut.

Hornbeam  If you have a animal who is very lethargic for no apparent reason, Hornbeam may help restore enthusiasm, especially when combined with Wild Rose.

Impatiens  helps with impatience and irritability.  You might use Impatiens when bonding.

Larch  helps build self-confidence.  It may help animals who have come from bad homes or who are working to fit into a new pack, family or community.

Mimulus  Helps shy and timid animals cope with situations they’re afraid of, such as going to the vet or being picked up. I use with rescue animals.

Mustard  should be used if your pet is depressed, won’t eat, etc.

Oak  provides resilience.  For example, if you need your pet to rest after a difficult surgery or illness, Oak may help.

Olive  should be used for pets who have been ill, had surgery, or been lost; when exhausted mentally and physically.

Pine  is for guilt.

Red Chestnut  is for animals who are overly anxious about their companions, such as a mama being separated from her babies.

Rock Rose  helps with terror and panic.  It will help restore calm in situations that are scary, such as visiting the vet, travelling, etc., especially for animals who have been mistreated.

Rock Water  is for rigid, uncompromising animals.

Scleranthus  is for animals who aren’t balanced well.

Star of Bethlehem  is for shock.  It is perfect for abused animals or animals recovering from trauma.

Sweet Chestnut is for animals who are extremely depressed because of a great physical or emotional event, such as the loss of a partner.

Vervain  helps high strung animals to relax.

Vine  helps with dominance issues, and is useful when bonding two rabbits.

Walnut  should be used when things change and will help the pet adjust to his new environment, such as when he is rescued, adopted, or when you bring home a new family member.

Water Violet  is for the aloof rabbit who doesn’t like affection and will help him be more sociable.

White Chestnut  is for emotionally restless animals, helping calm disturbing thoughts.

Wild Oat  restores a sense of purpose and might be helpful to show pets who are being retired.

Wild Rose is for pets who are unenthusiastic or resigned; submissive or under stress.

Willow  helps with bitterness, resentment, and self-pity.

Rescue Remedy is a blend of five flower essences:  Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, and Clematis.  If you’re new to flower essences, start with this.  It was created for emergencies and crisis situations, and is useful in most circumstances, having an immediate calming effect. 


Stored properly, flower essences should last at least two years, and they can be purchased at most health food stores or online. Below are some of my favorites. There are many more remedies and mixes than the original 38 by Dr. Bach.

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    & 8. The Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy, sells a line of essences specifically for cats: Spirit Essences – Holistic Flower Essence Remedies for Animals

    “Health is our heritage, our right. It is the complete and full union between soul, mind, and body: and this is not a difficult far away idea to attain, but one so easy and natural that many of us have overlooked it.”  – Dr. Edward Bach


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