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June 10, 2013 / by Faerie DogMother



HAWAII – Dr. Basko, Leading Holistic Vet and pet nutrition expert


DOWNLOAD  Dr. Basko’s PODCASTS: Why holistic medicine? | Dr. Ihor Basko – Worldwide Holistic Veterinary Care, Acupuncture, Diet Therap



RAW DOG HAWAII: Balanced Prepared Raw Meals: Formulated Foods for Dogs with Allergies

RAW GREEN TRIPE (Oahu): Green Tripe  Nourish and rebalance the gut system. Like cures like.

PRIMAL brand CANINE frozen MEALS (Oahu), Buy in bulk in larger bags: Frozen Formula OR at your local pet stores in smaller bags found in freezer section.

FREE RANGE MOLOKAI BEEF And OTHER GMO-free, Free Range meats, eggs:  VJ’s BUTCHER BLOCK, Haleiwa (808) 729-2689, Facebook link: VJs Butcher Block


  • OTHER IDEAS TO SOURCE FOOD: 1. MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR LOCAL BUTCHER Every grocery store has one! They throw a lot of fish scraps away and sometimes discount soon to expire meats and fish. 2. ASK FRIENDS AND COWORKERS IF THEY KNOW ANY FISHERMEN. Lots of the parts and bits get thrown away. 

  • Veterinary ACUPUNCTURE RESOURCES: Most experienced
  • Dr. Wendy Asato, Kailua – Makai Animal Clinic  262-9621
  • Dr. Fujioka, Wahiawa – Kilani Pet Clinic  622-2607

ONLINE RESOURCES:   Carry all big name brands, no tax, mainland prices, delivered to your door.

  • www.Vitacost.com $9.99 shipping, no limit, fast shipping – usually UPS 3-4 days
  • Lots of food and dry good products – pretty much anything you can find in large health food stores that isn’t fresh produce. Use the search box when you make your shopping list. You’ll be amazed. Google coupons.
  • www.PureFormulas.com free shipping to Hawaii even for one item, no limit. Google coupons. 
  • www.Amazon.com double check Amazon for pricing, sometimes free shipping & cheaper.


  1. North Shore: Waialua, The Feed Trough. Just in pure kangaroo from Australia! Food grade diatomaceous earth, Vipirabac, Orijen pet food (Canadian), horse/cat/dog/chicken/bird goodies, fun finds. No additives. 67-292 Goodale Ave , Phone: 637-5600 Monday – Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm
  2. Honolulu, Kailua: Calvin and Sussie: lots of holistic food choices and good advisory staff.  1016 Kapahulu Ave #125  Phone: 734-2320. M-F 10-7, Sat/Sun 11-5.

*Remember most supplements come from China, India and other suspicious sources. I call the manufacturer’s research and development department if sources aren’t listed. Remember these are businesses, many looking for the cheapest ways to make a profit. Knowledge is power. Only YOU are responsible for weeding out the good from the mediocre and the bad.

YOU YOU YOU – You pets need you to take care of you

  1. Dr. Barry Nutter: Chiropractic, Rolfing, Nutrition, ElectroDermal Screening, Vector NLS, Beam Ray, variety of integrative services.
  2. Optimiizing Body Energies for Healthy Living | Honolulu Hawaii: PEMF, Infraed Sauna, Beam Ray, Wave Room, Elite Bio Scan, Oxygen Chamber, Diet Plans, Detox, more.
  3. Haleiwa ~ Acupuncture & TCM. Freeflow Acupuncture & Herbs
    Jennifer Lau, L.Ac.,LMT. (808) 637-4880



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