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January 22, 2013 / by Faerie DogMother

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  1. Animal Wellness Magazine (also Equine and Vet publications). Print and/or Digital Subscriptions LINK: Animal Wellness | For A Long, Healthy Life!

  2. HAGEN WATER FOUNTAINS (yes, really!)
  3. DOG BOOTS (yes, really!) 
  4. CLICKER TRAINING – Karen Pryor


Hagen Dogit and Catit (and Rabbit) Drinking Fountains

  • Provides a comfortable drinking position
  • Re-circulating flow
  • Eliminates stale water
  • Adds oxygen for fresh water
  • Best Prices on Amazon





Summer Indoor & Outdoor™ Cool Performance Orthopaedic Shoes – neopaws.com


Why do dogs need boots? We wear shoes, especially on rough terrain and it applies to them for the same reasons, They provide cushioning if suffering from joint issues or other health problems, helps maximize your investment if your pet has had any joint surgeries or just protects their joints if you plan on your dog living a healthy long life. Protects feet from damage – paw injuries are one of the most common vet visits. bootsHMPI like these boots because they ALWAYS stay on, they are mesh so the foot can breathe (dogs only cool through their tongues and feet). They are the only boot I’d trust in a hot weather climate. They also make a highly reinforced summer shoe if your pet is an extreme sport enthusiast. If you live in the cold, they have neoprene boots for harsh weather. I see they also just came out with GEL INSOLES for a small extra fee.

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