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September 24, 2013 / by Faerie DogMother

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cancer is curable NOW - however it is NOT cured with medicine or drugs but with KNOWLEDGE


Why doesn’t the media talk about safe and gentle cancer treatments with 90% cure rates?? Because they are owned by multi-billionaires and the treatments that have 90% cure rates are not profitable. People who trust the media have a 3% chance of surviving their cancer for 5 years.

5starscircleHMPCANCER TUTOR = Details on many alternative cancer treatments: Alternative Cancer Treatments (Don’t Underestimate Mother Nature)

5starscircleHMPThe Gerson Institute: The Gerson Institute is dedicated to preventing chronic and degenerative diseases using a natural treatment.

Donor/Patient resources to pay for alternative treatments: http://www.alternativecancerresearchproject.com/

The Cancer Cure Foundation: Research, Cases, Clinics, Therapies: Cancer Home Page

Natural Solutions Magazine: Provides natural remedies and healthy solutions for pressing health concerns, as well as practical strategies for self-care and prevention.

Radio Wave Research: Alternative Cancer Treatment – Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation

Hallelujah Acres: Provides education, products, services, and other resources to help people everywhere understand way’s to better health.

International Coalition for Drug Awareness: Dedicated to educating people regarding the potential harmful and life-threatening short-term and long-term effects of prescription drugs.

The Burzynski Clinic: Provides non-surgical, non- and low-toxic alternative cancer treatment regimens; customized nutritional programs, and excellent medical care centered around the patients.

Earthbound Farms: Our mission is to bring the benefits of organic food to as many people as possible and serve as a catalyst for positive change.

Christian Health Crusade: Offer building blocks for simple, alternative health remedies, vegetarian cooking, detoxifying and cleansing, juicing and more.

Nutritionist Resource: The Nutritionist Resource team is passionate about increasing awareness of the positive benefits nutrition can have on all aspects of an individuals life.


Rethinking Cancer: Rethinking Cancer | Alternative Cancer Therapies



redthumbdownHWFAMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY: supports pharmaceutical big business, not you. Note: some of their “pink products” have ingredients that cause cancer. Question Everything. Including their 2.1% chemo 5 year success rate (American Journal of Oncology). Enough said.

redthumbdownHWFMD Anderson (Texas): Contrary to their advertisements and what their staff and website promise, they do not recommend alternative or nutritional therapy. In fact, their medical staff ridicules it and encourages against it. Comment based on personal experience.